How to wrap the perfect Christmas Present

It’s the time of year when it’s all about giving. And in my opinion it really is so much better than receiving. I love choosing or making a thoughtful gift that I know will surprise and delight. It doesn’t have to cost a lot; it just has to show you care.

All my jewellery comes ready gift-wrapped but here are some ideas to make your wrapping even more inviting and special.

Beautifully wrapped jewellery
Gift wrap the perfect Christmas Present
Beautifully wrapped jewellery

Choose the Paper

Choose some nice wrapping paper, it doesn’t have to be expensive but try and make sure its not too thin, as it is far more difficult to wrap if the paper keeps tearing. Also put the item in a box if it isn’t already. Trying to wrap an oddly shaped present will mean you won’t get nice tidy looking wrapping.

Who is it for?

Once you’ve decided on the above, think about whom it’s for. If it’s for a child, why not tie a candy cane in the ribbon, so they get an extra treat.

Gift wrap the perfect Christmas Present

Maybe the rustic look?

Brown paper can look lovely at this time of year as you can add sparkle with ribbon, and decorations. Try printing your own or add a nice bow. I love this wooden tag and bell as it looks rustic but also thoughtfully put together.

Gift wrap the perfect Christmas Present

Do something unusual with the ribbon

Another option is to experiment with tying bows. They don’t have to be traditional. This present is wrapped with gold ribbon that’s woven around a Christmas tree ornament so there’s a little extra treat as well. And every year when they put up their tree they will remember where they got the decoration and you’ll be in their thoughts.

Beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped Christmas presents

Have Fun

I hope this help give a little inspiration to your wrapping. Have fun with it add some sparkle and you’ll gift will be the one under the tree that’s opened first.  Have wonderful Christmas and enjoy the giving.