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Making Jewellery for Films

In the Past I have done many things. For the past 12 years I have had my own business as a jewellery designer. I have done some weird and wonderful things over the years. Exhibited at London Fashion Week and in New York, travelled around the Mediterranean and Caribbean on cruise ships selling my [...]

Making Jewellery for Films2017-09-13T17:01:18+01:00

A few questions about my style and inspiration

Describe your personal style. I like simple things. My clothing is usually quite plain but it has a decorative detail like a bit of lace or quirky pattern. Nothing too over the top, and it has to be comfy - I can’t be in heels unless I’m walking 4 foot and then sitting down [...]

A few questions about my style and inspiration2017-09-13T16:33:47+01:00

Challenges of running my own business

Challenges of running my own business The crazy thing for me is that running my own business is all I have ever done. After I graduated and won my award I set up straight away in business. I had a small amount of money from my prize and that was it. In hindsight this [...]

Challenges of running my own business2017-04-19T15:03:10+01:00

Some of my Freelance Jewellery Design

I work as a jeweller designing and hand making all my own jewellery, but I also do freelance jewellery design.  As a jewellery designer I have made and designed many items. Designing is my passion, I am always getting inspired by different things, wherever I go. As well as my own collections, [...]

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10 top tips: How to choose an engagement ring

With Valentines Day coming up here are my top 10 tips for choosing an engagement ring. For men, planning to propose is one of life’s most nerve-wracking experiences. The hardest thing is trying to get the right ring; despite it being one of the most important elements of a proposal. She will [...]

10 top tips: How to choose an engagement ring2016-12-11T16:19:50+00:00