• Describe your personal style.

I like simple things. My clothing is usually quite plain but it has a decorative detail like a bit of lace or quirky pattern. Nothing too over the top, and it has to be comfy – I can’t be in heels unless I’m walking 4 foot and then sitting down all night long! I do like to make an effort though. I would rarely go out without make up, but I prefer the natural look. And I like to dress up when I can, but being in a workshop or with a 3 year old most of the time it’s usually jumper dresses or jeans.

Wardrobe style
  • What is your favourite item of jewellery and why?

This is tough, I have so many pieces and they all hold meaning for me. If I had to choose one, it would be my engagement and wedding ring, they interlock and they mean so much to me. I really did marry my best friend and he bought me a great diamond. I just love how much it sparkles, and I know what it symbolizes every time I look at it. Even my daughter calls it my ‘I love you Daddy’ ring.

My other favourite item of jewellery has to be my locket. I’m really proud of the design and how well it turned out. It is so versatile and goes with every item of clothing I have. This for me a deal breaker as I know I can put it on in the morning and instantly look stylish. The locket also has a picture of my loved ones inside, so I can keep them close to my heart. I get comments on it regularly, which is also lovely.

'I Love you Daddy' Ring or my wedding ring!
  • Which celebrities do you find inspiring?

In terms of celebrities I find Holly Willoughby inspiring. She comes across as such a lovely person; she loves a laugh, has great style and is very down to earth. She is always really well dressed and easy to relate too, despite being drop dead gorgeous.

  • Who would you most love to design a piece for?

This is difficult, as in terms of design; I just love to create something that has a story and meaning for someone. So it’s that, that inspires me rather than idealising a person.

But it would be nice to design something for Princess Kate as then I would truly have made it and everyone would want one!! Plus she seems like such a beautiful person inside and out.

Kate Middleton being a Mum
  • Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all around me. The inspiration for my lockets came from a quote from a song and so did the inspiration for the ‘A Wish From Me’ Collection, . The song ‘You are my Sunshine.’ I sing this to my daughter every night, and the words mean a lot to me. The idea that a piece of jewellery can hold a sentimental meaning, and evoke special thoughts about someone, is always important to me. I called it the ‘A wish from me’ collection because each piece is made by me and the sentiment is a wish from me!.

I also love nature and flowers. I take lots of photos and I am lucky enough to have my studio in the garden and at this time of year I love watching the new flowers emerge and the colours change.

  • Who is your favourite designer of all time?

I don’t think I can answer this. There are too many to choose from. Interior designers, clothes designers, fabrics and architecture it’s just too difficult.

I don’t have the money to wear designer clothing I just like to mix and match great high street designs, from Zara, Mint Velvet, Mango, Coast to name a few.

Artists however there are two that spring to mind. I love Degas, I always did as a child; the ethereal look of his dancers, the calmness, and beautiful dynamic brushstrokes’ are always a pleasure to look at. I also love Michelangelo who I fell in love with on a trip to Rome. His ability to sculpt and paint with such precision and narrative was mind blowing. To this day I have not seen anything quite so spectacular as the Pietà.

Michelangelo Pieta
Edgar Degas Blue Dancers
  • If you could own only one piece of jewellery what would it be?

Without doubt my wedding ring. I think the fact this symbolises so much in one piece of jewellery makes it extra special. Love, commitment, forever, and family it is all in one ring. So I thought I would share a few interesting facts about wedding rings:

It is said that you can tell from Roman remains who was married, as the wedding band has been worn so long the gold was absorbed into the bone. So if you are married most of your life, you will also have an everlasting mark on your finger bone.

Your wedding ring is traditionally worn on the left hand and fourth finger as it was believed there was a vein from that finger that ran straight to your heart.

This kind of Romanticism what makes it special to me.

My wedding and engagement rings
  • What 5 items would we always find in your handbag?

  • My mobile, couldn’t be without that: It’s my diary, my camera, my music, my way of keeping in touch. I’d be lost without it.

    My purse although there is rarely money in it! My husband would confirm that!

    Some lip Vaseline.

    Some hand cream, being a jeweller means dry, grubby hands most of the time.

    A packet of raisins, being a mum you always need snack for the little ones, as they are permanently hungry!!!

  • What’s your Jewellery philosophy and how do you like to wear your jewellery?

My jewellery philosophy is that you should love it. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, but if it makes you feel great and brings memories with it then it will always look good. If it’s easy to put on you will wear it all the time.

I believe that Jewellery always holds a meaning: it’s usually a gift from a loved one something you bought for a special occasion, or because you deserved it. You may have worn it to great events, or it’s a lucky talisman. Each time you wear that item, you will be reminded of all the memories it holds.

  • When designing pieces for your collection do you design them with a specific type of person in mind?

    When I design, I usually design with me in mind. If I like the piece, then I believe in it. This means I can sell it truthfully, it’s in my signature style and my customers who like my style will also like the new designs. You can’t please everyone all of the time, but I try and stay true to myself. I always ask the opinion of my mum, my sister and my best friends, as they will give me honest feedback.