Wedding Season is approaching

Who doesn’t love a Wedding! So, with Wedding Season fast approaching I thought it was time for a blog post on Wedding Gift Ideas and Themes.

As a jeweler I am often asked for suggestions for bridesmaid’s gifts. Just the other day I was asked for ideas for adult bridesmaids. My suggestion was to give them all a mini locket inscribed with their initial. Each one could contain the word ‘Love” and an old photo of the bride and the bridesmaid inside to represent their friendship and as a reminder of their role in the wedding day. I think this is a simple keepsake that is also very sentimental.

Mini Lockets great for wedding gift ideas.

My wedding and the Jewellery I chose

It got me thinking about my wedding too and the jewellery I chose. Love Birds was the theme. My chosen colours were Silver and Fuchsia Pink.

For the bridesmaid’s gifts, I gave my sister a bird necklace and matching bracelet, this was set with a bright pink sapphire in the centre, which matched her dress and the wedding colours. I then gave my friends the bird stud earrings and made the groomsmen cufflinks with pink sapphire set into them. These were of course all made by myself!

Making things by Hand is making them with love
Handmade with Love by Kimberley

Some Wedding Ideas

Below are 3 mood boards on themes that I love, I hope you like them too:


Love Bird Theme Wedding

The first one is based around my Love Bird themed wedding. I chose this theme as I really love the streamlined look of these birds and the romantic nature of them. I also felt that it fitted with the romantic nature of our wedding and how we felt about each other.


The Jewellery pictured was inspired by my big day and is now part of my collection.

My friend made the delicious love bird biscuits. I’m very lucky to have such a talented a baker friend check her out here: Makerybakery). The sleek white bird cake toppers, were made by my husband.

We had a lovely board with a quote on it, (similar to the one pictured) which helped tie the whole wedding together and incorporated my love of collecting quotes!

Beautiful and individual decorations are widely available so you can add colour and texture to your desired scheme, with ease and effectiveness. I particularly like, these circular fans pictured above, they add a touch of elegance and have an echo of bird styling in them.

Being creative I handmade all my invites, but the gorgeous paper cut silhouette Invites, above, are by Humming Bird Cards:


Moon and Stars themed wedding

The Moon and the Stars theme is rising in popularity. The mood boardis inspired by the Quote ‘I love you to the Moon and Back’ from the ‘Guess how much I love you’ books by Sam McBratney. But also by the romance of being under a starlit sky and making wishes on shooting stars. This would make a great winter wedding theme.

I think Royal blue is a striking colour and teemed with coppers and gold’s it can really have a magical effect.


Moon and stars wedding theme


Light is key in this theme. I love the magical jars of lights These really look stunning and can be used again in the future. The metallic copper hanging garland also creates a beautiful effect, and keeps the theme strong.

If you have someone who can make a great cake, then why not get a super cake topper in your chosen colour to bring the theme together.

Jewellery of course is key. I love this star headband, it creates a simple look that ties in with the theme without being tacky.

My large locket containing the quote ‘I love you to the moon and back,’ would make a great gift for any bride. Tying in perfectly with the theme, and making the memories stay with her for long after. Giving them a wonderful keepsake that not only ties in with their day but is also a fabulous reminder that they can wear close to their heart would make any girl happy. Equally it would make a great thank you gift for the Mother of the Bride too.

Not forgetting the men, why not choose one of our Leather and Silver charm bracelets, for the groom. The phrase ‘I love you to the moon and back’ could be added, this would look great on the day and could be worn as a reminder for years to come. Our range of cufflinks is also perfect for the groomsmen!


Butterfly Themed Wedding Ideas

Who doesn’t love Butterflies? This is a very popular theme, due to its femininity and delicate nature and is perfect for Spring and Summer, particularly as Flowers and Butterflies go hand in hand.

The world is also your oyster when it comes to a colour scheme, from bright exotic colours, to soft subtle pastels. Why not choose Peonies? They are such a beautiful flower, and at their best in May.

As an aside, I have a friend who scheduled her wedding just so that she could have peonies! I don’t blame her they are exquisite. With her in mind I have chosen to go pastel shades for this moodboard!


Butterfly themed wedding gift ideas


For table decorations, I love the idea of decorating the tables using a combination of fairy lights, candles and flowers. I also think being able to use things again, helps ease worries about costs, these tea light holders make perfect decorations and could double as favours for guests.

Who doesn’t love shoes? And what better day is there to splash out on a beautiful pair like these by Louboutin. Gorgeous for the wedding day, but also can be worn again and again with other outfits.

The gorgeous flower girl image is from Craig Paulson photography. But if you want beautiful butterfly flower girl dresses why not look at these stunning ones from Monsoon, they make me want to get married again so I can dress my daughter up!

To keep the butterfly theme running and to give gorgeous gifts that will last much longer than the day. Why not give my small Butterfly pendant to the bridesmaids. This is ideal as it suits all ages, from small flower girls to adults. It can then we cherished and worn many times again. For The Mother of the Bride, our large triple pendant would make the perfect Thank you.

Often wedding dresses have unusual and beautiful necklines so make it difficult to wear necklaces. So the bride could wear the dramatic butterfly cuff and teem it with the butterfly studs for a unique and pretty look.

I hope this helped with your wedding Gift ideas and Themes.

I hope these have given you some ideas for wedding themes. I am always more than happy to come up with some ideas to fit into your theme, so you can give some thoughtful and lasting gifts to your bridal party. We also feature some great content perfect for Wedding Inspiration on our Twitter feed so why not follow us and see if you can find some inspiration!