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With Valentines Day coming up here are my top 10 tips for choosing an engagement ring.

For men, planning to propose is one of life’s most nerve-wracking experiences. The hardest thing is trying to get the right ring; despite it being one of the most important elements of a proposal. She will wear it forever.

Here are a few things to bear in mind.

You may well of heard about the 4 C’s when it comes to diamonds; I have outlined them here to help explain.

  • Clarity – How clear the diamond is; whether it has large black inclusions or is very cloudy. It’s always better to get the best clarity and colour you can, and compromise size as the diamond will sparkle more and look bigger.
Choosing the clarity of a diamond. the 4C's explained
  • Colour – Purer the colour – the more rare it is. The whiter it is, the more impact it will have.  This is Graded in letters from D down, they started at D not A incase they ever found a whiter diamond! They haven’t! Fancy diamonds have colours in them such as pink, blue, red green etc, but these are on a different scale.
Choosing the colour of a diamond. the 4C's explained
  • Cut – There are many different cuts to a diamond, the most common is a brilliant, which is round. But choose one to suit her, slim elegant fingers can go for an emerald cut or marquise, shorter squarer hands can use a princess cut, Then choose a setting and band to compliment the stone.
different cuts of diamonds choosing and engagement ring, the 4c's explainedthe proportions of the diamond cut
  • Carat – The larger the diamond – the more rare and precious it is, This is important, but it is always better to make sure there is a balance in colour, clarity and cut as if it is big, badly cut and a milky yellowish colour it won’t have the same impact.
Diamond Carat weigh tin mm's

These are the technical aspects to consider. Sometimes it’s worth getting a smaller diamond for your budget, but having it better quality so it really sparkles. Weigh up the 4 C’s and get a diamond you are happy with, even if you go slightly less in colour and better clarity, or vice versa. Ultimately pick the stone you think is the prettiest.

Some other things to consider are

2. Practicality – make sure its suitable for her, if she does a lot of gardening then a flush set diamond in a band would be better than four claws, if she likes to have everything on show and is a careful person a high stetting showing the diamond would be perfect.

3. Style – What kind of girl is she, does she like dainty, pretty things, or is she more of a Tomboy? Look at her clothes and other jewellery to help give yourself some more clues as to what she likes.

Mood Board of idea and themes. Image styling for pretty girl jewellery range

4. Confidence – spend your time and consult someone who knows about gems and diamonds to be sure you are getting something special, give yourself time to think.  If it is a too daunting and difficult to choose the ring yourself, why not just get the diamond, propose with that, and then design the setting and ring together?  This will make it extra special, and you can be sure you have made the right choice!

5. The Wedding Band – think about how the engagement ring will sit with a wedding band, or if you need to design one to fit. Often the more unusual shape of diamond mean that a wedding band will not sit nicely with it and a specially designed one will need to be made to fit.

Engagement and Wedding Ring fitting together
Vintage style engagement ring with fitted wedding band
Handmade engagement and wedding ring. interlocking rings

6. Budget –if you have a figure in mind then make sure you get what you want for it, compare the 4C’s and different metals to get what you want for the money.

7. Time – your bride-to-be will be wearing her ring for the rest of her life, so spend your time choosing to ensure that she will love it.   Ask advice, and speak to someone who understands the process of choosing an engagement ring and it will be an easier process.

8. Conflict Free – ensure that you know of your diamond’s origins – check where it is from, and get a certificate to prove your purchase.  all reputable diamond dealers should adhere to the Kimberley Process.

9. Stones – It doesn’t have to be a diamond either. If you have a more quirky girl, or one who doesn’t like sparkly things, then consider other options; Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds etc. It maybe that she has always loved her Grandmother’s ring – so why not try to incorporate elements of that in your design? If you consider her style and talk to someone who designs then they can guide you. But make sure you choose a hard wearing stone, as soft stones like pearl and opal can damage over time if worn everyday.

Coloured precious gemstones. Alternative engagement rings, not just diamonds

10. Insurance – in case of any mishaps – make sure you insure your bride-to-be’s diamond! Make sure that you get correct valuations for the ring and make sure that if it is handmade that they know.  Often insurance companies give you vouchers for a high street store if you loose the ring, this won’t replace the ring you bought!

If you take your time and consider these when choosing a ring, you will get it right.

And after all a Diamond is a Girl’s Best friend!!!

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Hope these Top 10 Tips helped you choose and engagement ring