This month it was buy British day, and because of this I thought I would outline the reasons to buy from independent British designers, from jewellery, to shoes.  In Britain we are renowned worldwide for our design talent so keep nurturing it.  I am proud that everything I design and make is made in Britain.

1.    When you are buying handmade jewellery or gifts you know who made it, where they made it and that they put their heart and soul into it.

2.    You can customize your jewellery by asking the designer to include something special and unique to you; be it birthstones, or engraving, or even to include a handwritten note for the recipient.  A totally bespoke piece.  This is because you can talk directly to the designer and ask what they can do, making it an amazing gift.

3.    Each piece is unique.  It might not be a one off, but there will be slight differences due to the handmade nature – no maker creates two pieces that are exactly identical, You are the only person with that specific piece of jewellery, which is something pretty special

4.    You are supporting someone who loves what they do, its tough doing it on your own so help show them they are doing a great job, they are making something with love just for you, and they care about you and making you happy.  Don’t forget to write a testimonial to show other customers what a great maker they are!

5.    The makers’ process is something you can see from start to finish, be it initial sketches and inspiration, to mock up designs.  Each piece tells a story and holds a message.  A little piece of me goes into each and every piece of my jewellery. Time has been taken to ensure each item is perfect.

6.    You can trace exactly where the product came from, if you have any problems you can get in direct contact.

7.    The customer service is usually second to none, as each small business wants you to come back again and wants to prove how great their products are. Quality Makers are extremely proud of their work. They aren’t going to let an inferior item quality leave their studio with their name on it.

8.    It may not always be cheaper but that doesn’t mean its not worth every penny.  The quality is almost always higher, the finish better and the design more superior.  You maybe able to get knock offs but they are never the same.

9.    Often you can get a better deal by buying direct.  Retails have such large margins they charge more for the same products, and you also know you are not lining the pocket of some huge fat cat!  Read this article in the financial times about how jewellery is often sold. This is why I now only sell directly to my customers.

10.    Jewellery Makers are often dedicated to sustainable and ethically sourced materials; they know where the materials come from!  They also are usually only employing themselves, and a couple of others – so no bad work ethics either, (apart from working late most nights! ;o))

The next time you consider purchasing a handmade piece of jewellery, remember that even though the piece may be an investment, you are supporting something even bigger. You should feel really good about your purchase knowing that you have a special piece of the artist in your jewellery collection.

Here are some people I recommend:

Recently I have bought some beautiful products.  One company I cannot fault is Daisy and Bump.  The most gorgeous artwork for children, all handmade, the service is spectacular and the prints are stunning.  I’ve got to stop buying them for everyone else and buy some for me.  Check them out at

Also I have a great friend who I met years ago at London Fashion Week, as scared startups and we have been friends ever since.  Hetty made my wedding shoes totally bespoke, they were something old (lace from my Mums veil), something new (the shoe), something borrowed (some vintage earrings which attached as little shoe clips from my Gran) and something blue (the super soft lining) and with a silver sixpence in my shoe (one from my Dad’s birth year hidden in a pocket inside) and so far luck all my life through!  They are an incredible pair of shoes that I treasure and she also does courses for you to learn how to make your own!  What more could a girl want!

Not forgetting to mention my bestie who makes the best cakes you could imagine.  Believe me I have sampled a few!  She can tailor make any design to suit you, children, weddings, cupcakes, cheesecake the list is endless so are her talents!  Or you can just get her to ice and bake them and then decorate yourself.  What more could you want?

I think I have sorted all your gift ideas out here!

Don’t forget you can also buy my work on a marketplace selling beautiful products from individuals like me.

Lots of Love

Kimberley x