So as I have been away for a while, not updating Facebook, doing newsletters or my blogs, I thought I would fill you in on what I was doing!!   A little Design Trip to India!!!!

Well, as some of you know I used to design an exclusive range for QVC, which I absolutely loved. But sadly, they decided after a few years they were more interested in celebrity named jewellery than real designers (I’m not bitter, well maybe a little!) And after having Evie and really putting my heart and soul back into jewellery, I hoped I could possibly work with them again, but sadly they are going in different directions. So I thought what else could I do? More collaborations with other companies, I am expanding the range available for Jersey Pearl, and helping a great designer/artist come up with a way to get her designs on jewellery – all very exciting.   And I then contacted TJC a shopping channel, and within a week I was in the office having a meeting.

TJC the shopping channel which will be selling Kimberley's jewellery

It was a surreal meeting and I left thinking ‘I’ve got a job with them haven’t I?’   It was still unclear, but my head was spinning with the possibilities of new designs using gemstones. After a week, I contacted them to say what concepts I had come up with, and a few designs that were drawn up. The email I got back took me by surprise! “Could you go to India next week?”

As you can imagine my head started spinning. Yes I could go, but I had plans in the diary, commissions, meetings, and not forgetting a nearly two year old, whose birthday I couldn’t miss and that had to have childcare!

But I managed to organize everything (including my husband – no mean feat!!) And flew off to India. I don’t think I have ever experienced so many emotions before in my life. I was so excited and proud of myself – after all they want me – yes me, and my designs!! I have never been to India before, what an experience!   The food, the culture, the heat, everything was so different to what I am used to. I was anxious, thrilled, scared – I knew no one there, only had one meeting with TJC in the UK, and I was travelling all alone. There was part of me which was pretty happy to have a bit of time to myself on my own adventure, but also so sad to leave Evie, screaming ‘Mummy’ as I left in the taxi! I saw this quote before I left and it pretty much summed things up.

Attitude is the difference between and ordeal and an adventure

I arrived in India, pretty exhausted after a night flight. I was met by a driver and taken to the hotel, which was lovely. I had a little sunbathe and some gorgeous Indian food and went to bed. In the morning I went to the office and met the design team I was working with. We then had a tour of their factories and started choosing Gemstones to match my mood boards. It was so incredible; I was like a kid in a sweetie shop! So many colours, and such amazing quality stones.


Gemstones to go with the mood board for Distant Shores Collection exclusively for TJC
Choosing gemstones to go with my designs
Gemstones to go with the mood board for Wild at Heart Collection exclusively for TJC

Then spent the next few long days coming up with new designs and working with the Indian design team. It was a hard process, the language barrier didn’t help, and they were not used to working with a designer like me, and weren’t very flexible at first, wanting designs similar to what they were used to. It was hard to stand my ground and explain ‘that’s what I am here for!’

But we managed to get the designs on paper and after many Chinese whispers and amendments we got to a near end result.

For two days I had the chance to tour of Jaipur and come up with a collection inspired by India, as it it TJC’s 10th birthday, and being an Indian company we thought it would be a great idea.

Well what I can I say? India is a crazy, dirty, disorganized, beautiful, chaotic, friendly, mad place!   Travelling anywhere takes an age as no one obeys the rules of the road and they all just go for it, beeping horns, which I think it is now just habit! But I got to see the Hawa Mahal, the Amer Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal, Albert Hall Museum. Here are a few pictures.

I rode an elephant, had my palm read, saw a snake charmer – that I kept my distance from, and many, many cows!

The buildings are beautiful and so many intricate patterns and symmetry, so it was very easy for me to be inspired. Here is a sneaky peak at a few of the designs.

Designs for the Jaipur Collection
Designs for the Jaipur Collection

So needless to say it was a busy 10 days! I did over 100 designs and I am now waiting to see the handmade samples and get a show date booked. I will keep you informed as to when it is. I don’t know if I will be going back to India in the next few months, but I certainly had a great experience, but I was very grateful to get home in time for Evie’s 2nd birthday and snuggles!

Lovely Snuggles with my girl, Home from India on her birthday!