I’m really proud of my new lockets and I hope you like them too. The idea of making one has come from many years of inspiration from being given jewellery, and through research and making my own pieces – so here’s a little bit about my love affair with this wonderful piece of jewellery, and why my lockets make the perfect gift.

My Lockets

I first owned a locket as a teenager, this was a traditional silver one, with a simple floral style engraving on the outside. It never had a photo in it – I can’t remember whether I couldn’t find one suitable, or that I just never got round to going to the shop and getting one printed to fit. It was very hollow, and dented easily. But I enjoyed wearing it and loved the idea of one day having something special enough to put inside.

Many years later my husband bought me a locket for my first Mother’s Day. It was made of brass and quite inexpensive, but I loved it. It held the quote ‘A mother holds their child’s hand for a moment but their heart for a lifetime.’ A quote that perfectly reflects my feelings for my daughter.


Why Jewellery is so special to me

Jewellery to me is very special and I love to design, wear and own pieces that are not only beautiful but also carry a sentiment that makes them extra special. These days I mainly wear my own designs, but I have a few pieces given to me over the years, that hold special meaning.

The necklace bought for my 1st wedding anniversary made by a jeweller friend of mine. Which is an intricate pair of silver wings that move and symbolize: Come fly with me. A pair of earrings bought for my 21st birthday.   And my Grandmother’s engagement ring, to name a few. These always hold special memories and evoke great feelings when I wear them.


My Locket is born

I wanted to create something that people can carry close to their hearts. Whether this is to remember lost loved ones who are still held inside or remind them of those who gave it to them. But ultimately, to give the wearer a boost and evoke the feelings that they are loved and cherished whenever they wear it.

The style is a modern twist on the traditional heirloom; a solid piece that won’t dent and has a definite quality to it. The use of different fonts, gives the locket a modern, quirky look and feel. Any picture can be perfectly cut to size and held inside, and worn close to your heart. The secret hidden word, saying, or message adds a sense of positivity making this a thoughtful and sentimental gift.

My lockets also come in two sizes, making them extremely versatile. They can be stacked and worn at different lengths. I have also created a bangle, which is a unique take on lockets.


A locket for every occasion

The lockets make a great gift for any occasion. For anniversaries why not choose your initial, or your partners initial, and put a wedding photo inside. Then the hidden appropriate quote “You to me are more precious than diamonds” or choose the mini Locket with the word ‘Love’.

The mini locket also makes a great Bridesmaid gift. Choosing each Bridesmaids initial, with a picture of you and them, having a great time together, and a positive word of your choice inside. This is sure to make them feel even more special, and something they can keep and treasure the day forever.

Or, why not choose the word ‘Luck’ to surprise someone sitting major exams or going on a big adventure.

My unique bangle is the ideal present for Mothers. Perfect for stacking with the initials of each of their children and a baby photo inside. A fantastic alternative to a charm bracelet. Or you could consider the larger locket and the quote “Everything I am, you helped me to be” and a family photo inside (I gave my mum this for Mothers Day this year and she loved it).

This really can be a locket for every occasion, and makes a great thoughtful gift. Worn everyday they enhance any outfit, but hold special sentiment inside them. I hope you love them as much as I do.


Locket with hidden messageBeautiful Mini Locket being wornGorgeous Mini Lockets which can have a photo added and your choice of inspirational wordInitial Locket With Hidden MessageSentimental jewellery by Kimberley Selwood