What a lovely day! I think making gifts is such a thoughtful and personal way to give gifts. People know you have put effort into making gifts and its something really special.

It takes a little patience but its so worth it. Obviously I handmake all my jewellery so it its always made with care and attention, but because I love making things I don’t stop there.

I thought I would tell you about the gift I made for my Mums 60th birthday. I contacted all her friends and family asking for pictures and fond memories of her. It took a while but I got them back from all over the globe! I then made her a scrap book putting photos and stories as well as decorations in it. I’ve got to say it took me a while and at some points I was swearing at it, but it was so worth it in the end. I gave it to her in the morning of her birthday and she took an hour to read it all through. Laughter, tears and sighs were a plenty!

Mum opening her present. Scarp book of memories over the years #makeagiftday
Mum reading her Scrap book of memories over the years #makeagiftday
Mum reading her Scrap book of memories over the years a few tears shed #makeagiftday
Mum reading her Scrap book of memories over the years a few tears shed #makeagiftday

However I didn’t stop there! Oh no my plate wasn’t full enough! ;o) – I made her a necklace. It is interlinked loops containing her birthstone in the centre, then my sisters and mine either side. Here’s a few pictures of the process and the final piece.  If you would like to commission something like this please get in touch at studio@kimberleyselwood.com and visit my bespoke page.

The Final Piece. Three linked silver hoops with birthstones, representing mother and children. Aquamarine, Amethyst and Pink Topaz
Handmade Cake with Flowers and Roses, in pale pink, pale blue and white

Oh and don’t forget the cake! I also turned my hand to a little cake making and decorating (I don’t like doing things by halves!!) I made a caramel chocolate layer cake from Rachel Allen’s Cake book http://goo.gl/QbFktc it never fails! Then covered it with pale blue icing and roses. Even if I do say so myself I was pretty impressed with it!

So because I think its means that little bit more I making lots of handmade gifts for Christmas (jewellery orders as well!!) It doesn’t cost the earth but means the world to the receiver.

With having a little one it’s easy. We’ve already done ceramic painting, but I will be hand-printing tea-towels, putting little gift boxes together for a snuggle nights, film nights and baking kits. Also I am buying from independent suppliers where possible.

Ceramic Painting. Make a gift day. Gifts that are extra special

If you want some inspiration for some lovely gifts then look at Pintrest. I have set up a Christmas board if you’d like to follow it.  Say No To Humbug!!  Even if you just make a card and wrap your with a bit of flair, it will make someone feel extra special.

So #makeagiftday. Happy making xx